Friends figs for sale


Oh, what to do with all those Friends figs I’ve slowly accumulated? Though I’m not a fan of the theme, sometimes I like a set and buy it anyway. I just don’t want the figs. What would you do with them then?

Organizing LEGO 

IKEA zip-lock bags are, in my opinion, the best way to keep sets organized without them taking up too much room. Try it out!

Gifts are the best LEGO


Am I right?
I was catsitting for a couple of good friends a while back, when my father fell ill. I went there to feed the cat even though I had to leave town to visit my father. (He’s doing very well, by the way!) And my friends appreciated my (small) effort so much, they bought me this. I’m so looking forward to build all three versions tonight!
Did someone give you any LEGO lately?

LEGO hipsters

It’s Fashion Week in Copenhagen! And The Guardian apparently thought ‘what’s more Danish than LEGO?’ and challenged LEGO to make typically Danish hipster minifigures. They are spot on! People looking like this are everywhere in CPH.





Photographs by David Levene

Happy New LEGO Year! In late January…

Dear all,
It’s been a while since we’ve posted, since we’ve built anything and since we’ve talked much about LEGO. But as you can see in the picture; here we go again 😀

We wish you all a happy new LEGO year!