Friends figs for sale


Oh, what to do with all those Friends figs I’ve slowly accumulated? Though I’m not a fan of the theme, sometimes I like a set and buy it anyway. I just don’t want the figs. What would you do with them then?

LEGO Movie nail art by the Nailasaurus

Another passion of mine besides LEGO is nail polish – spectacular nail art to be more specific. (A horrible combination with LEGO, I can assure you – nothing is harder on the nails than building.) When googling still shots from the movie, I stumbled upon these works of art by The Nailasaurus and had to share them with you!

LEGO Movie nail art


Musical minifigures

There aren’t many musicians in the LEGO world, but over the years this little bunch of musical geniuses has gathered in the collectable series. Together, they sound awful – the combination of electric guitars and bag pipe makes even wolves cry at night. But if you let them play in smaller, more appropriate groups they do pretty well.

Besides this bunch, the Circus Clown from series 1 with his squeeze-bulb horn and the Mexican Maraca Man from series 2 could also make some noise. And of course the DJ could fire up your party!

Did I forget someone?

After-Christmas thoughts.

This christmas has left me with some experiences and things I should change for next years christmas builds.
First and foremost: When I started building my christmas town station, I realized that I had next to nothing in white… No white 1×2, or white tiles without a stud, really the only thing I had in plenty was white grids. And they are not always the right choice for snow… So the next year I will stock up on white things when I shop at the PaB wall. All different kind of white things, for this and that in a christmas town. That also goes for green, red and brown.

A thing I always do when packing down my sets is never to take then fully apart, so when I need to put then back up, it wouldn’t take to long. I did this with my christmas sets, and it makes for an easy set-up next year. I even considered buying one of the large storage LEGO bricks Marie has bought some of recently, to keep the christmas things in, mainly to keep the station build as is it, so I don’t forget how it should look in 11 months. I have two already, I could by a green one, for my christmas stuff.

I also realized that I need a few more of the Ice Hockey player and Ice Skater from series 4, the female snowboarder from series 3, the male snowboarder from series 5, the female skier from series 8, and a bunch of the elves. I will see if I can get one of the series 2 skier, but I’m sure he will be expensive so we’ll se about that. They added a great life to this years town, and will help it expand next year!

I’ve also reached the conclusion that my loose bricks need a huge haul over, because when I build my small MOCs I couldn’t find anything, bricks I knew I had!
So now I’m considering sorting in color instead of brick. What do you think? Should I color divide or keep it sorted in bricks?

LEGO Calendar – Dec. 9th

A surprise!
That’s what I got when opening my calendars today. I opened the 2012 first, and it had a minifig, so I figured, okay, minifig day.
But when I opened the 2013 it had the bench for my table!
I really thought I had them figured out, but LEGO can still surprise me!