Winter set news!

I know we have been absent for a (very) long time. I think sometimes everybody with an interest will have periods of time where the interest is a lot less, but I’m slowly crawling out of the hole. My sister got married a couple of weeks ago, and my mini model of the church where she got married, was at display. I made it two years ago, and it has been at her apartment since, but for a couple of days it was shown to all the guests, and it gave me the kick I needed to get going again.

So today I was reading up on all the news, and read about the new winter set. It is going to be a reboot of the 2009 Winter Toy Store.

They 2015 Winter set.

I read many complaint, and you would think that an innovative company like LEGO could come up with something new. But in my opinion, it’s great!
They have changed just a few small things, so overall its the same set. I know this is frustrating for collectors, but hey, aren’t we all use to reboots of LEGO sets…

It gives all the people who didn’t bought it the first time, an opportunity to get it, and at a much lower price, than the one you can get on Bricklink. They are right now up to 70 dollars more expensive, for a new mint condition set. It can sometimes be incomprehensible how much a single set of LEGO can be sold for, on Bricklink. I have been close to buying the toy store on Bricklink several times, but at 1000 DKK (150USD/120€) it’s just to much.

I didn’t get the set in 2009, and I’m very much looking forward to buying it, and setting it up this christmas. But sure if this happens again next year, I will join the chorus of complainers (except that I also didn’t get the bakery, so next next year!)

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