Life-size LEGO cups


This is Laura and me toasting in the LEGO store at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. We’re crazy about those cups!
They too are available in a Friends colour, but I’m not too fond of that version.


The blue one on the other hand reminds me so much of my early childhood fun times with LEGO.
There’s just one little downside to the cups; holding that handle is quite awkward. The plastic cuts into your hand and it definitely does not fit into a human hand as well as it does into a LEGO figure hand.


But who cares really? They look great!


Did you notice the LEGO water bottle?


I got the LEGO Friends street food pizza set recently and love it for a number of details. I already posted about the coin brick. Today I want you to pay attention to the clever water bottle build: three little bricks and it is clearly a bottle of nice chilled water!

LEGO buns

Brick Fest offers a lot of LEGO related fun. A picnic in the brilliant weather we’re having these days, of course includes these legolicious buns:


LEGO supermarket – finally finished

As mentioned yesterday, Laura and I are spending this weekend in the company of fellow AFOLs at the convention of the Danish AFOL association. Apart from the official stuff (general assembly), there’s a huge MOC competition in which everyone is encouraged to participate. So in spite of our newbie status, Laura and I brought contributions. Laura will tell you about her MOC soon – the cutest little church from her home island. Mine is a supermarket, which you can check out (!) right here:
The overall layout.

The front where I (my sigfig) just came out from the butcher’s with my brand new sausage!





I’d love to hear what you think!