The Crash Reel in LEGO. Sort of..

A few weeks ago I saw the documentary “The Crash Reel” for the first time. A movie about pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce, telling the story about his life before and after a traumatic brain injury. With the help of friends and an incredible family, Kevin fights the TBI. A wonderful, inspiring, enraging, sad, funny and over all fantastic documentary, directed by two time academy award nominee Lucy Walker. The movie is a emotional roller coaster, but it really is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

But what has all this to do with LEGO, you might ask. The answer is… nothing.
Except for me seeing the documentary (for who knows what time…) this morning, and at the same time building LEGO models. I was coming to a point in the movie where you see Kevin at a snowboarding contest, grazing a giant snow hand with his board, a really beautiful shot.

Skærmbillede 2014-03-08 kl. 15.07.59(Photo from The Crash Reels trailer on youtube. I highly recommend seeing that and then the movie)

Well, when I was sitting there watching this, I kinda just starting building the hand, and with the help from the snowboarder and skater minifigs, I made a minifig Kevin Pearce.

The result was this:

foto-8 kopi

Not perfect, but not too bad either.

And it gave me a chance to write something about this documentary that has quickly become one of my favorites ever!
See it! It is on the Danish Netflix, but it is worth the buy on iTunes!