Gifts are the best LEGO


Am I right?
I was catsitting for a couple of good friends a while back, when my father fell ill. I went there to feed the cat even though I had to leave town to visit my father. (He’s doing very well, by the way!) And my friends appreciated my (small) effort so much, they bought me this. I’m so looking forward to build all three versions tonight!
Did someone give you any LEGO lately?

Happy Easter everyone!

I’ve mentioned before that I have awesome parents-in-law. But they’ve done it again: LEGO surprised me. At the family’s traditional Easter lunch, we went egg hunting in the garden. We means my nephew, his mother and me, because that’s who they had prepared eggs for.

My nephew got candy in his egg, my sister-in-law got tea and other adult goodies, whereas I got LEGO!