Did you notice the LEGO inkwell?

These two bricks combined make a perfect inkwell and quill. 

I got them in the Creator set with the brick-built moose and as far as I know – from a quick research on bricklink – the combination only occurs in one other set: The Elves Starlight Inn (41174). (Please let me know if I’m mistaken!) 

Then I checked what else the “inkwell brick” is used for – Lego must have made it for a reason. It turns out it is frequently used in Friends/Elves/Disney Princess sets for displaying all those accessories for the figures; bows, tiaras etc. They fit in the hole in the hair pieces, but apparently you need somewhere to put them, when they are not used – and that’s where our brick comes in. The Friends Party Gift Store (41113) is a good example:

It’s also been used as side-view mirrors, a lid and a camera lens. A nice little brick in my opinion.

Gifts are the best LEGO


Am I right?
I was catsitting for a couple of good friends a while back, when my father fell ill. I went there to feed the cat even though I had to leave town to visit my father. (He’s doing very well, by the way!) And my friends appreciated my (small) effort so much, they bought me this. I’m so looking forward to build all three versions tonight!
Did someone give you any LEGO lately?