LEGO hipsters

It’s Fashion Week in Copenhagen! And The Guardian apparently thought ‘what’s more Danish than LEGO?’ and challenged LEGO to make typically Danish hipster minifigures. They are spot on! People looking like this are everywhere in CPH.





Photographs by David Levene

Christmas LEGO on Pinterest

This just to remind you of our Pinterest board ‘LEGO Christmas’ where we have collected pictures of absolutely brilliant Christmas-related MOCs.

LEGO Christmas board

For instance check out this fun cabin trip, a MOC by Jameson42:

Hot tub_Jameson42And this ornament pinned from clevertoys:


And finally for my fellow lovers of all things related to the German language, the fondue hut by Simon Schweyer:

Fondue_Simon Schweyer



I’ll be the judge of that

Today the Brick Fest was open to the public and about a 1000 dropped by. Laura and I had the honour of judging a children’s competition and I took a picture of the proud winner:

She’s holding both her prize (right side) and her winning lion. Not only does it have a cute 2D face, it also has a 3D body with paws and everything. Well done!

LEGO name tag fruit salad

As promised yesterday, here’s a photo of the name tag of a high ranking (i.e. dedicated) LEGO fan. I think it resembles military decorations, called ‘fruit salad’ with a slang word.

Thanks to Jesper Thuesen for letting me take the picture!

LEGO supermarket – finally finished

As mentioned yesterday, Laura and I are spending this weekend in the company of fellow AFOLs at the convention of the Danish AFOL association. Apart from the official stuff (general assembly), there’s a huge MOC competition in which everyone is encouraged to participate. So in spite of our newbie status, Laura and I brought contributions. Laura will tell you about her MOC soon – the cutest little church from her home island. Mine is a supermarket, which you can check out (!) right here:
The overall layout.

The front where I (my sigfig) just came out from the butcher’s with my brand new sausage!





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