The LEGO Movie – awesome quotes

I’ve been on vacation in South America last week and the one before. It was awesome. But what is more LEGO relevant, is that I watched the LEGO Movie for the third time on the plane. I still love it: 1) I laughed out loud several times (a bit awkward sitting that close to strangers), 2) still really liked its ‘don’t be mainstream’ message and 3) couldn’t help writing down quotes on my phone while watching. Now I want to share some of my favourites with you:

When Wildstyle rescues Emmett in the beginning and says: “Follow me if you wanna not die!” Well, I for one would “wanna not die.”

Batman – who has so many good lines in the film! – says to Bad Cop when he first meets him: “Police to meet you, Bad Cop!” (It’s a Bat pun!)

The conversation between Emmett and Batman when our heroes are escaping from the troops of president Business: Emmett: “Ehm guys, I think we are about to crash into the sun!” Batman: “Yeah, but it’s gonna look really cool!”

Benny the Astronaut, when disappointed: “You are really letting the oxygen out of my tank here.” That’s cute.

And finally (for now!): When Metalbeard states rule number one of the sea: “Never place your rear end on a pirate’s face!” Good to know.

Awesome film!