Like Olaf the snowman on a beach…

20160829_091832…we’ve been completely off. Offline: Too little LEGO for a very long time. But without further ado, I am now back. More posts will follow shortly.

Alanna – and her creator.

So, it’s been a while. I’ve actually written several posts, but never got around to finish and upload them. With a lot on my mind, LEGO and this blog has been pushed back a little bit, but not forgotten, I promise!

Last weekend, my sister and I took a roadtrip to the other side of Denmark, a 3-hour drive from our home in Copenhagen to the west coasts biggest city Esbjerg (and yes, you can drive from one side of Denmark to the other, in under 3 hours..)

We went for the annually Fantasy Festival, which is mainly a book festival, we’ve never been before, and probably won’t go again, normally not really our scene, but this year Tamora Pierce were there. Tamora Pierce wrote the books about Alanna – Song of the Lioness.

We went there to see her, get our books signed and hear her talk. She was as we expected quite fantastic! She’d never been to Denmark before, and here she was in the most western windblown part of itty bitty Denmark.

Billede 08-03-15 12.13.24

I had packed Alanna and the whole gang, to take some photos while she spoke, but I got to caught up in everything so I forgot. I did however sneak some photos.

Tamora read a paragraph from her new book (about a young Numair!), and answered questions from the audience. She is quite an awesome and fierce little lady.

Billede 08-03-15 12.41.43

I got my copy of the last book “Lioness Rampant” signed, both the Danish and English Version (the English version for our other sister, who couldn’t be there).
And because it was the International Womens day, and because she always write these remarkable women she wrote “Women rule!” in them, which only made us love her more!

Billede 08-03-15 12.29.38Billede 10-03-15 22.21.00

Billede 08-03-15 12.05.37

All in all it was a great day for my sister and I, and Alanna too..

Long time, no posts!

Hi guys. It has been quite some time now, and we do apologise! We have both been very busy, but not forgetting our LEGO, quite the opposite!

Here are some snap shots from my summer, with all the great LEGO things!

First off all, Marie and I have been on vacation! We went to Poland, Warsaw and Cracow! I must say I really loved Poland! What a great country, we had some problems with transportation and delayed trains, but the rest of our vacation was absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend you all to visit Poland, if you get the chance.

Here are Sebastian and I in front of the Palace of Culture and Science.

Here we found a stone telling us how far we were from home. 647 kilometres from Warsaw to Copenhagen, really not that far!

Sebastian found himself a new cup! The text reads something “derived from Greek, means the honerable”.

When we got home from Poland, I treated myself to some of the new sets! I love the new Artic sets!!

Last, but certainly not least, my birthday! My sister found me the old streetlight car for just 20 Dkk, approx. 3 euros! Score! Marie got me the two castle/LEGO movie sets, and the awesome Germany keychain!

Marie got me these two sets, to push me to finally start my Tortall castle! I made a promise to her, to do so. So expect more castle post in the near future!

That was a small look into my summer. We both hope you all had a great summer, and now are ready for some lovely autumn nights full of building!

Alanna roll-call!

Since I lined up my collectables for a roll call, I thought it was time to line up Alanna and her friends from the Tortall Universe!

Alanna, George and Alianne of Pirates Swoop

Myles of Olau and Thom of Trebond.

Veralidaine Sarrasri and Numair Salmalín


Thayet jian Wilima and Jonathan IV of Conté

Gareth of Naxen

Buriram Tourakom and Thayet jian Wilima

Keladry of Mindelan, Jump and Raoul of Goldenlake

Keladry and Raoul with all their gear.

Alanna with her cat Faithful, her horse Moonlight and gear.

Myles, Thom, Daine and Numair.


Jonathan with all his gear.

Thayet with her dress and tiaras.

My sister, who also loves the books, helped me with the minifigs, and she was a little iffy with some of them, but overall liked them. We discussed the how everyone saw these different characters in their head, and therefore all would have an opinion on how they should look.
But she was happy and I am very happy with the result of my minifigs from the Tortall Universe!

A very important fact to these are, that in the books they don’t meet at the same time, and some people die. But in my LEGO Tortall universe, everyone is alive and well, all at the same time!

I am building away on the castle, but it takes some time!

Bricklink buys!

So as I promised here are my latest Bricklink buys! I got many bricks for my castle!
IMG_4799   IMG_4802
IMG_4800  IMG_4803

I really look forward to putting those Lion Head pieces in, to decorate my palace!

Here is a little look at my buys, I bought many pieces of the stairs, and the wheelbases, and the Lion Heads.

I really love Brickslinks possibilities, and all my new stuff!