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  • First Set: Fort Legoredo, 1996. I remember seeing this in a toy store in the neighbor town, and begging my parents to buy it for me. It was around my birthday, and I had gotten some money, but not enough. I really wanted it, and talked about it to anyone who would listen. One of them was my grandfather, who lived right next to us. I told him everything about it, and when I was about to go home, he gave me the 200DKK I needed to buy it. I was over the moon! My parents were furious at me for scamming money out of my grandfather, but he told me (and them) he just wanted to make me happy, and he did!
  • Favorite set: My favorite set is the Victory Race lap, 1988. It has 2 baseplates, 13(!!) minifigs and a lot of extra goodiness. Another great passion for me, besides LEGO are motorsports suchs as Formula 1 and speedway. So this set appeals to me in so many ways. It is really a big set, and I just love the small pitlanes in the side, and the towtruck for the crashed cars. It just has everything!
  • Most desired set: The two harbors; City Harbor 7994 and Harbor 4645, they would go great with my city!
  • Future Builds: A MOC castle.



  • First set: Town Plan No. 1 (1955). Well, that set was not technically mine, but my father’s. It is, however, the first LEGO I remember and ever played with. One of my earliest memories at all involves building a town house with my mother. I was four or five years old and home sick from kindergarten. The way the slanted roof tiles fit together and created a perfect red roof was immensely fascinating to the five year old me – and still is. The card board plate with roads, pedestrian crossings, a parking lot and many more details was the outline of every Brickston Town I ever built since then. Unfortunately, many of the roof bricks in the set seem to have melted. (Is that normal? My best explanation is that they were in the attic on a very hot day.)
  • Favourite set: Train Station 7937 (city 2010). I love the dynamic it adds to my LEGO city. People coming and going; by train, by car and on foot.
  • Most desired set: LEGO Construction Site (7633 2009).
  • Hobbyhorse when building: Infrastructure, food (especially sweets!) and other tiny details.


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