Did you notice the LEGO inkwell?

These two bricks combined make a perfect inkwell and quill. 

I got them in the Creator set with the brick-built moose and as far as I know – from a quick research on bricklink – the combination only occurs in one other set: The Elves Starlight Inn (41174). (Please let me know if I’m mistaken!) 

Then I checked what else the “inkwell brick” is used for – Lego must have made it for a reason. It turns out it is frequently used in Friends/Elves/Disney Princess sets for displaying all those accessories for the figures; bows, tiaras etc. They fit in the hole in the hair pieces, but apparently you need somewhere to put them, when they are not used – and that’s where our brick comes in. The Friends Party Gift Store (41113) is a good example:

It’s also been used as side-view mirrors, a lid and a camera lens. A nice little brick in my opinion.

Thanks, Laura!

For my birthday last week, Laura gave me the Creator set with the moose. I’m so happy to be back on the blog and really enjoyed building it, I will share the whole building process with you. First you get the classic before and after shots:

There are so many great details in this set! – and I bet I will discover even more when I have the time to build the two other versions:

Now the detail shots:

Kitchen and a very old-school stationary set:

The moose:

Outdoorsy details: Chopping wood and cooking over fire

Thanks for the present, Laura! 

I still have one more birthday present to build. Stay tuned because it’s an awesome set!

Like Olaf the snowman on a beach…

20160829_091832…we’ve been completely off. Offline: Too little LEGO for a very long time. But without further ado, I am now back. More posts will follow shortly.

Winter set news!

I know we have been absent for a (very) long time. I think sometimes everybody with an interest will have periods of time where the interest is a lot less, but I’m slowly crawling out of the hole. My sister got married a couple of weeks ago, and my mini model of the church where she got married, was at display. I made it two years ago, and it has been at her apartment since, but for a couple of days it was shown to all the guests, and it gave me the kick I needed to get going again.

So today I was reading up on all the news, and read about the new winter set. It is going to be a reboot of the 2009 Winter Toy Store.

They 2015 Winter set.

I read many complaint, and you would think that an innovative company like LEGO could come up with something new. But in my opinion, it’s great!
They have changed just a few small things, so overall its the same set. I know this is frustrating for collectors, but hey, aren’t we all use to reboots of LEGO sets…

It gives all the people who didn’t bought it the first time, an opportunity to get it, and at a much lower price, than the one you can get on Bricklink. They are right now up to 70 dollars more expensive, for a new mint condition set. It can sometimes be incomprehensible how much a single set of LEGO can be sold for, on Bricklink. I have been close to buying the toy store on Bricklink several times, but at 1000 DKK (150USD/120€) it’s just to much.

I didn’t get the set in 2009, and I’m very much looking forward to buying it, and setting it up this christmas. But sure if this happens again next year, I will join the chorus of complainers (except that I also didn’t get the bakery, so next next year!)

We are going to Stuttgart! 

Once again we are traveling, this time to the southern German city Stuttgart. It can seem like we don’t go anywhere but Germany, and right now that is true, but this time we didn’t decide the destination! My sisters son is getting baptized, and since his father is from Stuttgart, they chose to do it there – we don’t complain! Vacation, Germany and family time, what’s not to love! 

Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany, I haven’t been there so all I really know about it, is that it is there Loki goes in the first Avengers movie. I hope to get some more usable knowledge once I get there! 

But right now I’m in the airport all alone waiting to board. Marie is traveling with my sister and the star himself later. 

When I walked around the airport I spotted the LEGO store! I totally forgot it was here! 


Since I am going to a childs party I looked around in the DUPLO section, but it seemed silly to buy something on the way out. 



I also saw the new Marvel sets for the first time! I gots to have! 




Ohh a new Iron Man. I wants! 

One thing that annoyed me, was that it looked like they changed the color of the Hulk in one of the sets. They did the same with Captain America in the old Marvel sets, and it really bugs me! 

But I’ll buy them anyway, and LEGO knows that..