Life-size LEGO cups


This is Laura and me toasting in the LEGO store at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. We’re crazy about those cups!
They too are available in a Friends colour, but I’m not too fond of that version.


The blue one on the other hand reminds me so much of my early childhood fun times with LEGO.
There’s just one little downside to the cups; holding that handle is quite awkward. The plastic cuts into your hand and it definitely does not fit into a human hand as well as it does into a LEGO figure hand.


But who cares really? They look great!


LEGO collectable minifigures series 12

As I wrote yesterday, the new minifig series was sold out at the LEGO store. Instead we found them in a nearby toy store.
I got all but two, which they didn’t have: the gold digger and the guitar player.
My favourite right now is the female Roman warrior. Her sandals, printed on the front of her feet, are quite rare and nice; her daringly short skirt, blonde wavy hair and golden lips are a nice contrast to her otherwise fierce appearance.

(Last photo from brickipedia.)

LEGO pick-a-brick

It’s been a while since I visited the Copenhagen LEGO store, but today Laura and I met up there to buy series 12 minifigures. Unfortunately, they were sold out (new ones should be there by Monday). Instead we shared a pick-a-brick cup. For the first time ever, I remembered a cup from home, so I could save that 6,50 DKK (not even 1€). This is what we got:


(Truth be told, we found the series 12 in a toy shop afterwards, but more on that the next couple of days.)

Winter city thoughts.

Today I saw a post on The Brickfan about the new Disney sets, and one caught my eyes.
It was the new Frozen set (41062):


While this, and all the other Disneys set have that major flaw that the figs aren’t minifigs, I actually really like it, and would have no trouble incorporate it in my LEGO Winter town! And seriously who wouldn’t want Olaf in their LEGO Collection?!

And speaking of that; as we are now in October it is time to start thinking about this years winter set up. Last year I took a photo everyday of december to compare the 2012 and 2013 advent calendar. This year I’m thinking about doing it with either the Friends or the Star Wars calendar (the Star Wars mainly because I really want the Santa Clause Darth Vader!)

Here in Denmark we “believe” that Santa Clause is from Greenland (mainly because there is a lot of snow and it would make father christmas Danish!) So I’m hoping to incorporate some sort of Greenland in this years winter set-up! Do any of you have some great ideas for that?

Series 12 is here!

The 12th series of collectible minifigs have hit the stores, or the LEGO stores at least, I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet.
I went in for a quick look on saturday. I was in a rush, so I just grabbed two bags, one with a dress and one with regular legs, so I knew I wouldn’t end up with two of the same.


Turned out it wasn’t a dress, but a robe. My first series 12 minifigs was the wizard in all his blue and purple glory!

The second mini fig was the juggler. They fit right in with my castle build!

I also got a first glance at the new Winter Set!

While Marie is really not happy with both the size and especially the reindeers, I really like all of it!
I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
But it will be some time, Marie and I made an agreement not to open them until a few days before christmas, so we have something to look forward to!