Long time, no posts!

Hi guys. It has been quite some time now, and we do apologise! We have both been very busy, but not forgetting our LEGO, quite the opposite!

Here are some snap shots from my summer, with all the great LEGO things!

First off all, Marie and I have been on vacation! We went to Poland, Warsaw and Cracow! I must say I really loved Poland! What a great country, we had some problems with transportation and delayed trains, but the rest of our vacation was absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend you all to visit Poland, if you get the chance.

Here are Sebastian and I in front of the Palace of Culture and Science.

Here we found a stone telling us how far we were from home. 647 kilometres from Warsaw to Copenhagen, really not that far!

Sebastian found himself a new cup! The text reads something “derived from Greek, means the honerable”.

When we got home from Poland, I treated myself to some of the new sets! I love the new Artic sets!!

Last, but certainly not least, my birthday! My sister found me the old streetlight car for just 20 Dkk, approx. 3 euros! Score! Marie got me the two castle/LEGO movie sets, and the awesome Germany keychain!

Marie got me these two sets, to push me to finally start my Tortall castle! I made a promise to her, to do so. So expect more castle post in the near future!

That was a small look into my summer. We both hope you all had a great summer, and now are ready for some lovely autumn nights full of building!

Bricklink buys!

So as I promised here are my latest Bricklink buys! I got many bricks for my castle!
IMG_4799   IMG_4802
IMG_4800  IMG_4803

I really look forward to putting those Lion Head pieces in, to decorate my palace!

Here is a little look at my buys, I bought many pieces of the stairs, and the wheelbases, and the Lion Heads.

I really love Brickslinks possibilities, and all my new stuff!

Bricklink buy tease!

This morning before a meeting I went to the post office, and picked up my latest Bricklink buy. I’m on the road so I can not show you all I got, but I can give you a sneak peak into the bag of goodies.


To the trained LEGO eyes, you can see the Lion head brick, and the small games pieces in light grey. And as you can guess, this is for my Alanna castle. Marie always asks why I haven’t build more of my castle, and now I have some crucial bricks, so I promise her and you, I am going to build something castle-related this weekend!

Fleamarket finds!

Every Saturday, on the small square right outside my front door, is a very large and sometimes fantastic fleamarket. I have bought many things there over the past 7 years of fleamarket-Saturdays. Some old GDR (German Democratic Republic) china sets in awesome 70’s color, a never used 3-cup Bialetti espresso maker for 20 DKK, or 3€! (I bought that this Saturday and I am still super exited!!)
But, there is also another fantastic thing about this fleamarket, every not-rainy Saturday, Preben is there. Preben sells LEGO! I jokingly call him my LEGO-pusher. He has a mixed table full of figures, sets, and boxes he makes himself, full of bricks in the old colors. I don’t always buy something, but usually I buy some minifigs. He has a ‘knight box’ with horses in full armor and a guy with lances, spears, and a helmet. Now that I am building my Tortall Castle, I often buy one of these mainly for the horses armor!
But this saturday (the one with the espresso maker!!), I found something else. A little bank. Number 6566.



foto-6 kopi

Here it is!
It was 100% complete! Right down to the four gold coins and four green 100 notes, I was very impressed, since it is from 1997!
A little spoiler alert: Marie is also building a bank, but as a MOC. So far it is very cool, and I think it is going to be much bigger than this, but this is great for Autostadt Falkenburg, as a small extra bank, to my big bank from the Batman set 6864.
It cost me 75DKK or 10€, which wasn’t that bad for an old 100% complete set, I think.
I already look forward to next Saturday, where I hope to see Preben again!  And when the fleamarket season ends in October, Preben will be at the huge flea market in Bella Center, here in Copenhagen, in November. Marie and I first saw Preben there last november, and were very excited to find him at my fleamarket!

We all know that LEGO is an expensive hobby, so I like finding old (or new) stuff, for a little less money.
Thankfully the joy is free!