As we told you, we went to LEGOLAND Billund, here in Denmark. The park opened in 1968 and was the first in the world. It is located in the small town of Billund, that basically is revolving around LEGO. Billund Airport is the second largest in Denmark, but when it opened, is was a private airport for LEGO. And a huge part of the resident in Billund works at some form, for LEGO.
So it makes sense that when we hit the town limit of Billund there were huge LEGO bricks lying at the sides of the road. We drove by so fast, that we didn’t really get any good photos.
But we did get a photo of the entrance, with us, of course!


LEGOLAND Billund Denmark entrance

Marie never goes anywhere without her W├╝rst.

We are going to do this review in two parts, one part about the park, the other about the shops.

The park is 45 years old, and it is showing in some parts of the park.
The mini land is looking a bit old, and some sundamage is showing, and it is all right, because it is an old park, and the kids who come, probably won’t see it, but for an adult, it is starting to look ready to be changed. But some things were great! Despite the long queue, to the ride, the Polar X-plorer turned out to be great! They had some cute models in the waiting area. Especially the polar bear cup had me smiling.


LEGO polar bear cub, LEGOLAND Billund Denmark


LEGO baby seal, LEGOLAND Billund Denmark


LEGO sled dog cubs, LEGOLAND Billund Denmark


LEGOLAND Billund Denmark – results from The Temple

We also went to the Temple, which was an interactive ride, where you must shoot at targets. You battle against your co-rider, which for me, were Marie, of course. We were Team 4, and it ended like this:

I shoot my way to 14700 points, Marie only shoot 7900 points. Haha!

When were done, we headed towards the stores. This was not a great experience. Marie will tell you more about that, in a later post.

LEGOLAND is 3 hours by car, from Copenhagen (in Denmark, as opposed to i.e the U.S, it is quite far, since it “only” takes 4 hours to drive across the country), and I had to drive both ways, so when we headed home, I requested that we played some car games, so I could stay clear minded on the long drive home. We played a game, where one should think of a collectible minifig, and the other should guess it in 20 question. Only a few was under 20 questions, and some where quite hard, but we had fun!

All in all it was a fun trip, despite the disappointing stores, and we had a great day amongst KFOL and AFOL’s!