We are going to Stuttgart! 

Once again we are traveling, this time to the southern German city Stuttgart. It can seem like we don’t go anywhere but Germany, and right now that is true, but this time we didn’t decide the destination! My sisters son is getting baptized, and since his father is from Stuttgart, they chose to do it there – we don’t complain! Vacation, Germany and family time, what’s not to love! 

Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany, I haven’t been there so all I really know about it, is that it is there Loki goes in the first Avengers movie. I hope to get some more usable knowledge once I get there! 

But right now I’m in the airport all alone waiting to board. Marie is traveling with my sister and the star himself later. 

When I walked around the airport I spotted the LEGO store! I totally forgot it was here! 


Since I am going to a childs party I looked around in the DUPLO section, but it seemed silly to buy something on the way out. 



I also saw the new Marvel sets for the first time! I gots to have! 




Ohh a new Iron Man. I wants! 

One thing that annoyed me, was that it looked like they changed the color of the Hulk in one of the sets. They did the same with Captain America in the old Marvel sets, and it really bugs me! 

But I’ll buy them anyway, and LEGO knows that.. 

We are going to Berlin! 


And it’s not just me and Sebastian, Marie is there too! It’s just a little vacation, but I’m really looking forward to it! Copenhagen is my hometown, Dublin is my second hometown, but Berlin will always be my favorite city! 

A fun story about Sebastian. The racecar driver is my favorite minifig, and he was quickly named Sebastian after German Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel. Vettel is now driving for Ferrari as of this season, and even though I’m not a Ferrari fan, it pleases me, since the race outfit now fits in color. And also because he’s back in a winning car, but that’s a whole other story. 

I will join Marie in Berlin tomorrow, and I asked her – she remembered her Minifig, so we will post some of our adventures, here and on Facebook. Stay tuned! 

Long time, no posts!

Hi guys. It has been quite some time now, and we do apologise! We have both been very busy, but not forgetting our LEGO, quite the opposite!

Here are some snap shots from my summer, with all the great LEGO things!

First off all, Marie and I have been on vacation! We went to Poland, Warsaw and Cracow! I must say I really loved Poland! What a great country, we had some problems with transportation and delayed trains, but the rest of our vacation was absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend you all to visit Poland, if you get the chance.

Here are Sebastian and I in front of the Palace of Culture and Science.

Here we found a stone telling us how far we were from home. 647 kilometres from Warsaw to Copenhagen, really not that far!

Sebastian found himself a new cup! The text reads something “derived from Greek, means the honerable”.

When we got home from Poland, I treated myself to some of the new sets! I love the new Artic sets!!

Last, but certainly not least, my birthday! My sister found me the old streetlight car for just 20 Dkk, approx. 3 euros! Score! Marie got me the two castle/LEGO movie sets, and the awesome Germany keychain!

Marie got me these two sets, to push me to finally start my Tortall castle! I made a promise to her, to do so. So expect more castle post in the near future!

That was a small look into my summer. We both hope you all had a great summer, and now are ready for some lovely autumn nights full of building!

A LEGO Church and German cathedrals.

LEGO has one thing they always keep their nose out of – religion. And so it should be, they are making toys, and in my opinion they made the right choice in keeping religion out of it.

But that doesn’t stop people from making their own MOCs of churches and other religious symbols, and as long as it is nothing offensive or demeaning I think it’s fine.
I have even considered building a church or cathedral for Autostadt Falkenburg. Not that I’m religious in any way, but I think they are architecturally beautiful. If you have read the book or seen the miniseries “The Pillars of the Earth” you would have learned a little about how much time, blood, sweat and tears a cathedral takes to build. As an Interior Designer, that part interests me very much, and I have spent some of my education learning about the architectural design of buildings.

So I would find it fun to build my own church or cathedral, maybe in microscale, or the scale of the architectural line.

I spent some time wondering what kind of church I would build. I looked at some Danish churches, but they all look the same with their white chalk walls, and almost no decoration, really not that fun to build, an easy, quick build maybe, but not as fun.

Then I saw a microscale of the Kölner Dom – the cathedral of the German town Cologne.
Kölner Dom

Kölner Dom

It inspired me to look at the cathedrals of one of our – the two chicks – favourite countries, Germany. Germany has a mixed past, but one thing that has been enchanting people for centuries are their cathedrals.

With the Kölner Dom as the most famous and extraordinary, there are also the St. Marien Domkirche in Hamburg:
St. Marien Dom

the Regensburger Dom in Regensburg

Regensburger Dom

the Katholische Hofkirche in Dredsen, also a very famous church that was destroyed in the bombing of Dredsen and rebuilt in the 1980’s.


Then there’s the one I’ve chosen to replicate in LEGO: Sankt-Hedwigs-Katedrale – St. Hedwig’s Cathedral in the centre of Berlin.

It is a beautiful neoclassical Cathedral built from 1747-1773. It was also destroyed in a bombing raid in World War II, but rebuilt from 1952-1963. Its dome which is a half sphere in beautiful corroded copper will be easy to duplicate in the sandgreen brick color. And then a lot of tan of course.
One of my sisters studied at Humboldt Universität right next to the cathedral, so I’ve seen it many times. And it shares its name with my other sister, so it is really a good architectural addition to Autostadt Falkenburg!

This was just the idea fase, the build will probably take 6 months or so, because it will take me some time and money to get all the bricks. But the project is now started!

Laura & Sebastian in Berlin

So I told you a few days ago that I recently have been in Berlin, in my opinion the best city in Europe.

Berlin is yellow at the moment, very beautiful!

Sebastian went with me of course!

It is hard to see, but it is the Fernsehensturm in the horizon!

I found a cookie cut-out of Germany, so here a combination of two hobbies: LEGO and cooking!


So we had a great time in Berlin, right mini-me?