Like Olaf the snowman on a beach…

20160829_091832…we’ve been completely off. Offline: Too little LEGO for a very long time. But without further ado, I am now back. More posts will follow shortly.

Winter city thoughts.

Today I saw a post on The Brickfan about the new Disney sets, and one caught my eyes.
It was the new Frozen set (41062):


While this, and all the other Disneys set have that major flaw that the figs aren’t minifigs, I actually really like it, and would have no trouble incorporate it in my LEGO Winter town! And seriously who wouldn’t want Olaf in their LEGO Collection?!

And speaking of that; as we are now in October it is time to start thinking about this years winter set up. Last year I took a photo everyday of december to compare the 2012 and 2013 advent calendar. This year I’m thinking about doing it with either the Friends or the Star Wars calendar (the Star Wars mainly because I really want the Santa Clause Darth Vader!)

Here in Denmark we “believe” that Santa Clause is from Greenland (mainly because there is a lot of snow and it would make father christmas Danish!) So I’m hoping to incorporate some sort of Greenland in this years winter set-up! Do any of you have some great ideas for that?

The Lone Ranger

A recent issue of the Danish children’s magazine from Disney, Anders And (Donald Duck), included a Lone Ranger polybag with a ranger minifig and a pump car.



Laura and I went to the cinema with her sister (my sister from another mister 😉 ) to watch the Lone Ranger film – and of course I brought the little guy for a photo shoot!