LEGOLAND – the shopping experience

For once, I’m not particularly excited about writing a post on this blog. Because what I have to share with you is not very positive. This is the long-promised post about our trip to LEGOLAND – more specifically about the stores in the park.
Our first disappointments were that the Castle shop doesn’t sell many Castle sets (not even this year’s releases), that the Go Figure store does not have any different pieces that the little display in the LEGO stores elsewhere – just more copies of the same parts – and that the polar shop doesn’t sell much LEGO, but a whide range of stuffed animals.
Next, we went to the outlet in hopes of finding LEGO sets on sale or at least sets which are no longer available elsewhere. We found neither. Well, that’s not entirely true: there were two Ninjago sets on sale and some uninteresting polybags (the kind containing standard bricks available in loads of sets and in PaB.
That’s where we went next: to Pick-a-brick. At first we were happy to see some things, we hadn’t seen before in PaB: golden pieces, pieces in FRIENDS colours and more. Later, it turned out that those things where the standard inventory in PaB that period – we found them in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin. Then we realised that the pricing system wasn’t the normal one with cups at fixed prices. Instead prices were based on weight and horribly expensive! We both took one of the enormous bags available and filled one little corner of it at a terribly high price: 7€ or 9$ per 100 grams!. Not a very nice shopping experience. When we asked about why the pricing system was different there, they said that the store was not owned by LEGO and they had to buy the pieces from LEGO at quite a high price. I really don’t get that! There are LEGO stores all over the world, but the one two kilometres from the headquarter of the whole LEGO group is run by someone else??
The last negative thing I want to mention is the fact that the regular store with sets didn’t have anything special to offer. It was just like the Copenhagen store, but with a lot of non-brick souvenirs from the park.
To end this miserable post on a happier note, LEGOLAND is where we found the awesome minifig ice lolly moulds!


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