Alanna – The Song of the Lioness in LEGO.

One of the very best things about LEGO is that it is all about creativity. You can build anything, and it is beautiful, just like the adverts from the 80’s say, remember?

I love the ordinary LEGO sets, the police stations, fire trucks, houses and the franchises – Star Wars, Marvel, DC, LOTR and so on, but is there anything more fantastic than making your own creation? Not really, right?

My new and far biggest MOC will be a castle! Not just any castle, the king’s castle in the city of Corus. Don’t know it? That’s okay, although a bit of a shame. Corus is the capitol of the land of Tortall, from the books of Tamora Pierce.

Tamora has written a lot of young adult books, and her series on Alanna – The song of the Lioness is one of my all time favorites!

So what is more natural for an AFOL like me, than to recreate that universe in LEGO.
I know it will be a big task, and it will probably take a few years for it all to be build, but I don’t mind that, more Lego fun time!

So this is going to be a long-time-running line of posts about Alanna and the process of my castle.

My first post will feature the first thing I wanted to create in order to make the MOC – Alanna in mini fig!

So here she is, small and feisty!


In the books Alanna is known for her small appearance, yet she is the first female knight in Tortall for over a hundred years.
Her shield is a prancing lioness, so all of her LEGO gear will feature lions in some form, although I haven’t found the right shield just yet. She has a cat – Faithful, and a horse – Moonlight.


More Tortall-minifigures will follow – in the meantime I urge you all to read the books if you haven’t already, they are very well written, and can be enjoyed for people of all ages!


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